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Installing xpressive

Getting xpressive

There are two ways to get xpressive. The first and simplest is to download the latest version of Boost. Just go to and follow the Download link.

The second way is by directly accessing the Boost Subversion repository. Just go to and follow the instructions there for anonymous Subversion access. The version in Boost Subversion is unstable.

Building with xpressive

Xpressive is a header-only template library, which means you don't need to alter your build scripts or link to any separate lib file to use it. All you need to do is #include <boost/xpressive/xpressive.hpp>. If you are only using static regexes, you can improve compile times by only including xpressive_static.hpp. Likewise, you can include xpressive_dynamic.hpp if you only plan on using dynamic regexes.

If you would also like to use semantic actions or custom assertions with your static regexes, you will need to additionally include regex_actions.hpp.


Xpressive requires Boost version 1.34.1 or higher.

Supported Compilers

Currently, Boost.Xpressive is known to work on the following compilers:

Check the latest tests results at Boost's Regression Results Page.

[Note] Note

Please send any questions, comments and bug reports to eric <at> boost-consulting <dot> com.